I was looking on somewhere to fulfill my true self.

Then, Allah shows me the stairs.

I would like to climb it alone.

But then I found you

A group of people; coming from unknown.

And it went like it has written.

We were destined to track the path together.

Facing the Mount of problems.

Experiencing the ups and downs.

Fall once, climbs much.

Fall twice, fly much.

Till we stand on what we are now.


And finally the stairs has come to the last shot.

Though it’s tough. We stand on, still.

Till the very last day of June.

For all of those experiences,

I cherish all the moments

And I feel grateful to be destined to meet you.


Be safe on wherever you are.

Really wish that our fate would make our journey met someday.

See you on top of success guys!



Herdiani Hidayanti

Ni Made Tristiana Putri

Dimas Januar Perdana

Robbi Firmansyah

Satrio Adhitioso

Zakia Nurus Syifa

Andi Alvian

Rizki Firsta Wahyuliswari

Renata Melati Putri


kangen menulis lagi. sepertinya sudah sangat lama sekali sejak terakhir kali. memori terus mengalir tanpa henti, kotak otak terus mengisi tiap berganti hari.

bergulir, seiring pagi.