personality test; after two years


I was curious about my current personality test so I decided to take another test. And, voila! It hasn’t changed after two years :p

The very first time I took this MBTI test was actually three years ago, exactly one year after my involvement in my organization. At that time, my personality test result said that I am an INTJ.

One year after, I took another test. And the result changed into ISFP. Whoaaa, a contrary to the previous result, huh?

But then I was started to thinking more about the result. Why it changed that much? I mean, beside still being an introverted person, another parameter has shown the other result.

I finally got my answer. The organization that I was following of, changed me. And made me learn. And grow. And being better. And helped me find the truest me.

And I am happy. And grateful.

Changing result of personality test doesn’t mean all bad. It could also indicate that you are growing; your personality has gone through much more challenges that your older self.

As this result would also wants to tell me such things like:

Be happy and be grateful, just challenge your self to grow out more and find the truest you. That way, your future self will be thankful to have the current you 🙂