reaching milestone

Everyday is a brand new day, they said. It’s been quite a long time for me not to write for leisure. And I guess it’s a right time for me to write, finally. After having a quite busy August (and also being busy the rest of months due to the labworks), I came to find […]

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what’s missing [?]

You don’t surely know what’s missing till you get freaked out of. Or, just whatever. But then these kind of situation will strike you out of the blue. And bham! No chance to restrain. These kind of situation will make you feel sort of depressed. These kind of situation like the present? Maybe. Maybe is […]

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can we pass on the past [?]

Longing for somewhere to escape From the past life Never wish for a chance to miss But it feels better if we exchange bright smile on our faces You know, you hold the future I’m dreaming of And it will still be there Till I’m strong enough to waking up the trembling-shaking one there The […]

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